Engaged to design a commercial development in excess of 20,000m2 of nett lettable area whilst incorporating & reusing existing heritage buildings across a large infill site in the heart of Richmond.
A strategic site with complex traffic, zoning and integration issues the final design outcome consisted of 4 building forms stepping across the site with integrated communal terraces, varying sized office floor plates that address the two primary street frontages.

Building A is a clean grey glass tower rising out of the linear heritage warehouse intentionally paired back to highlight the 3 storey heritage warehouse facades.
Building B is the original power station and most significant heritage building onsite. The build envelope is maintained with internal refurbishment to accommodate a shared office workspace.
Building C is a smaller boutique building rising above the saw tooth factory building. Smaller floor plates and footprint were produced to ensure a mix of tenants across the site and limit offsite impacts to adjacent residential neighbours.
Building D is a stepping cranked glass tower with a wrapping perforated feature screen varying in scale to limit overlooking and provide shading to the west. Integrated landscape courtyard and recessed work terraces further articulate the façade.

Our scope of works consisted of:

·         Concept Design

·         Town Planning Application

·         Consultant management


Client: Burnley Developments Pty Ltd